Jouren Falls Tourism Center

A Drive-In Facility with Bountiful Water and Abundant Greenery
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An introduction to the best spots found near the Jouren Falls Tourism Center.

Jouren Falls
Jouren falls Jouren Falls was created by flowing lava from Mt.Hachikubo, located 1km southeast from the falls, when it erupted approximately 17,000 years ago.
The cliff that forms the waterfall shows regular, column-shaped cracks that were made as the lava cooled, which adds beauty to the cascading waterfall.
Ferns called woodwardia unigemmata (Jourenshida), designated as a natural monument by the prefecture, grow near the waterfall, and enhance the water-rich forest.
Jouren Falls has also been selected as one of Japan's top 100 waterfalls.
Jouren falls Height: 25m
Width: 7m
Basin Depth: 15m

Round Trip Time: Approx. 30min
Reached by descending an approximately 200-step staircase from the National highway.

Myoutokuji Temple
Myoutokuji Constructed in the early 1390s, this Soto Zen temple is dedicated to Ususamamyouou, a god known as "the god of toilets" by local residents who possesses the power to purify the unclean with fire. The nearby precincts also sell undergarments and charms that have been blessed to prevent groin-related illnesses.

Namesawa Gorge
Namesawa This gorge offers the natural beauty with clear water flowing along a slab of andesine rock. The area remains cool even during the summer, and is also famous for its red leaves in autumn.
Tarou-Sugi Tarou-Sugi

The largest cedar tree on Mt. Amagi, it has been designated as a natural monument by the prefecture.

Estimated age: 450 years
Height: 53m
Root Circumference: 13.6m
Truck Circumference at Eye Level: 9.6m

Amagisan Tunnel
Amagisan Tunnel This tunnel was dug through the mountain in 1901, and the passage was fully completed in 1904.
The entrances at both ends of the tunnel, as well as the entire interior, are made of ashlar masonry. It has famously appeared in numerous literary works, including Kawabata Yasunari's novel "Izu no Odoriko".
It is currently the longest stone-built tunnel in Japan.

Total length: 44.5m
Width: 4.1m
Nikai Falls

This two-step waterfall cascades down from a height of 20 meters. It is one of the most famous waterfalls in the Amagi area, and the surrounding scenery is beautiful whether the leaves are red or fresh green.
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